Bayard Royal™, Homemade Cakes Where Taste Is Everything

Bayard Royal™ is a spirits-infused cake company, based in the multicultural heart of Montreal, Quebec. At Bayard Royal™, ingredients and time are key elements when it comes to baking. Our signature product, the rum cake, is the realization of our vision. Even more, it is an invitation to a flavourful journey that plunges you right into our universe, our culture, and our history! At Bayard Royal™, you get to taste the best of homemade desserts, and the pleasure of sharing unique creations with those you love.

Frenie, Founder of Bayard Royal™ and Creator of Sweet Memories

Bayard Royal™ sprang in my grandmother’s kitchen, Elza Bayard, where I spent most of my days baking. Back then, we were in Gonaives, in Haiti. In the family house, we never went short of eggs nor flour.

With my grandma, I discovered the art of making delicious cakes and learnt the importance of choosing the right ingredients in the search for quality results. Also, she shared with me her secret of the perfect dough. Pouring a capful of rum into the mixture to enhance the flavour and awaken the taste buds was her special signature.

Finding the perfect balance of flavours has always fascinated me. I thrive in this world where passion and creativity go hand in hand. I nourish this love for homemade cakes with an authentic taste, for these comforting and rum-infused desserts, which are perfect for any occasion. Indeed, rum is the traditional ingredient that you would find on any Caribbean table.

In 2015, when launching Bayard Gâteaux, I made my dream of creating my pastry business come true. Then, in the summer of 2020, two dear friends of mine offered me a vacuum-packed syrup-infused cake, which they had ordered straight from the United States. This led to the idea of creating pastries that could travel. The following spring, I launched Bayard Royal™ where I showcased my signature product, the rum cake, a creation in honour of my grandmother, my culture, and the love of homemade baking.

Bayard Royal™: Homemade Pastries That Defy Time

At Bayard Royal™, we offer a unique experience to epicureans eager for new flavourful adventures. Our desserts, generously soaked in spirits, are a nod to our culture and our history. Our mission is simple yet sincere: we love to contribute to your daily gourmet pleasures, one cake at a time.

By creating Bayard Royal™, we are bringing our grandmothers’ homemade cakes up to date. We give them the elegance they deserve while maintaining the rustic appearance that they are well known for.

Prepared with the greatest care, our spirits-infused desserts deliver delicate, earthy, and light floral notes. They will awaken all your senses with their unique flavour, their soft texture, their delicious aroma, and their singular aesthetic.

Our cakes showcase the art of simplicity and bring a touch of magic to your celebrations. The Caribbean rum-infused cake alone is a holiday crowd-pleaser. To achieve perfection, we choose not to use fermented molasses. Our secret lies in mixing the dough with agricultural rum, distilled directly from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. We are proud to bring you products made from 100% natural ingredients.

Moreover, with spirits used as a natural preservative and vacuum packaging techniques, our products can travel beyond Montreal’s borders and be distributed throughout the province of Quebec and Ontario (Toronto). They thus retain their taste and freshness.

In short, Bayard Royal™ is about savouring the present with full awareness, rekindling your best memories, and creating new ones with your loved ones.

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